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Technology of producing the aggregates

Extraction of gravels is carried out from the excavation areas in a dry way above the groundwater level or in a wet way from water using the CAT type excavators.
This excavated raw material, gravel, is transported by transporting means to the technological line for further processing.
Gravel is discharged into the hopper from where the raw material is successively crushed, sorted, washed in water, and finally it is taken by conveyor belts for storing at dumping sites as finished products according to individual fractions. The line also includes a cone crusher which enables to crush the aggregates in a separate technological circuit.
The advanced fully-automated line for processing aggregates has the capacity not less than 100 tons/hour; it was put into operation in 2008.
There are washed aggregates produced on the line in fractions 0/4, 4/8, 8/16 and 16/22. After the individual fractions have been sorted, they are stored in separate boxes.
In addition to the mentioned aggregate fractions, we also produce monofraction 0/16, which is especially advantageous to small customers for concrete production.
The mentioned fractions have been certified and they are suitable especially for production of concrete but can also be used for other purposes, such as manufacture of concrete pavement, shaped blocks, breezing, etc.
In case of our customer needs, we also provide transport of aggregates.


Technology of producing the concrete  

The concrete mixing plant is controlled by computer in a fully automatic mode. According to the selected concrete class the required quantities of individual aggregate fractions, cement, water, building chemical products and possibly other ingredients are automatically batched. Then this is mixed in the concrete batching plant and discharged into the truck mixers or onto truck beds by means of which it is transported to the place of destination.   
The entire concrete mixing plant is thermally insulated; the aggregate storage bins are heated as needed. Mixing water heating is also provided. Thanks to these measures, we are able to provide concrete supplies with no problem even in winter at minus temperatures.
On request of our customers, we provide transport of concrete and a mobile concrete pump to place the concrete.