We supply aggregates to significant manufacturers of concrete mixtures and to construction companies, e.g.:

CRH (Slovensko) a.s. Rohožník
ZAPA betón SK s.r.o. Bratislava
Prefabetón s.r.o. Diviaky
Stavebný Podnik s.r.o. Námestovo


We supply concrete mixtures to various constructions of both the major and minor scales. We participated in the preparation of D 1 motorway construction, the route Dubná Skala – Turany, within the scope of preparation phase of the PPP project, supplies for construction of blocks of flats and houses in the District of Martin and the like.
Below you can find a selection of our supplies to customers:


Mirpus Construction, s.r.o., Banská Bystrica - hotel Veľká Fatra in Turčianske Teplice
Šimon Real s.r.o. Martin - residential-building, Kuzmányho ulica, Martin
- residential building, Štúrova štvrť, Martin
- residential building, district Priekopa, Martin
- residential building, Martinské terasy /Martin terraces/
Váhostav -SK a.s. Žilina - construction of biomass boiler-house in the heating plant,  Martin
- interconnection of central heat supply systems Martin – Vrútky
- extension and reconstruction of Basic school in Turany
- preparation works on D1 motorway within the scope of the PPP project
Stavia, a.s., Banská Bystrica - residential building Átrium in Martin
Geomonta a.s., Harmanec - eastern portal of the tunnel Višňové D1
Aspect- J. Matula, Martin - rental apartments Podhájska in Martin
Váhostav-SK-Prefa Horný Hričov - Lecture Hall of the Faculty of Medicine, Commenius University, Martin
Alpine Slovakia, s.r.o., Bratislava - roads in the new individual housing construction, village Turčianske Kľačany
Prestimex s.r.o., Stará Bystrica - interconnection of central heat supply systems Martin –  Vrútky
Slovenské Tunely a.s. - reconstruction of the railway station, Vrútky
Style door s.r.o., Vrútky - production hall, Vrútky
Midos BB s.r.o., Martin - family houses, Košťany nad Turcom